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Hello everyone

By Nada
September 22, 2007 - 1 comment - 571 visits

I can see no one has posted anything in here yet, so I decided to be the first one.. I am wandering what kind of photos you going to post here.. Do you want photos only from Germany or other places.. There lots of German people on Ipernity so I am sure they would like to join.. take care to everyone that will join this group and I am looking forward in visiting your country again.... perhaps next year.. greetings Nada..... Australia

First of all, it´s great to have members from other countries except germany here in this group!

This group is about collecting (and sharing) pictures taken in Germany from the Frankfurt Rhein-Main Region.
I think this Region has a lot of interesting points of views and i hope, that more members join this group and give great pictures to the group.

Best wishes to Australia,

11 years ago.

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