Group: Rarities - Raritäten

Neue Wache, Unter den Linden, Berlin.

Molecule Men, Berlin.

Memorial plaque to May 10, 1933 Nazi Book Burning…

The Ritz Carlton Berlin closed because of the viru…

In the streets of Berlin

Ancient Roman road.

Britzer park and gardens

Stalactites in Loulé's salt mine.

Salt stalactites.

Prismatic volcanic formations.

Prismatic volcanic formations.

Coastal erosion reveals magma tunnels.

Exposed magma tunnels.

Exposed magma tunnels.

Sado 550 (1984).

Exposed magma tunnels.

Magma tunnels.

Old cannon.

The 1990 Volvo of the touristic tour.

Carnarvon Castle

Caravel by the fireplace.

White-spotted guitar-fish (Rhinobatos albomaculatu…

llandudno Wales

Lisbon Jan 2020 252

Museu Colecao Berardo, Lisbon.

Reflections in the grounds of Museu Colecao Berard…