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Hi from your new Admin

Stefan Ketola (Flickr Refugee)
July  3, 2013 - 5 comments - 604 visits

Hi All

Just thought I’d post a quick message saying Hi and a quick intro.

I seem to have found myself being promoted from a newly Joined Member, only been on Ipernity a short while, to a Moderator and less than 7 days after this to Admin.

So thanks to O.O and Nils for this promotion and I will do my best to steer a steady ship.

Also a big thanks to them and to all members for creating and contributing to the biggest and best portrait group on Ipernity …. Lets keep it at the top of the pile ;)

Having looked again at the rules I just want to add one little change which I shall do shortly and to re-iterate that this is a group for portrait pics ONLY and portraits of people ++ NOT ++ animals. Also these should be original photographs and not photos of photos or of paintings, screen captures etc. and should be photos taken by the poster.

There are enough groups on here and elsewhere to cater for photos that don’t fit the focus of this group.

Any photos not within the groups scope/rules will always be deleted. If you do find any of your photos deleted please don’t take it personally it will not be a judgement on the quality of the image purely it’s suitability for the focus of this group.

I have gone through the first 80 or so pages and deleted some images already – mainly of animals and photos of paintings.

Additionally my personal feeling is that the photos should have the person as the main focus of the image – there has already been some discussion on this in other threads/posts on here – ideally the person should fill a large portion of the frame, not a small dot on the horizon.

On a similar line ideally photos should always show the face – shots of individual body parts – hands, feet etc are not really my vision for this group.

So a little about myself . I have had an interest in photography since around 1979 starting with an old Kodak 110 camera – who remembers those ?

My first SLR was a Canon AE-1 and my first digital camera a dreadful 3.2mp Canon compact with dire image quality. My first digital SLR was a Canon EOS 450D and currently I have 9 cameras -2 film, 7 digital – main ones used being a Pentax K5 and a Pentax K5 11.

My Main area of interest is dereliction and abandonment and approximately 2 – 3 years ago I got interested in photographing Goth and Steampunk events and this prompted my interest in portraiture.

Any feedback / issues please do get in touch.

Thanks for being members here and lets keep this a thriving , vibrant group.

Thanks all

Stefan Ketola (Flickr Refugee)
Stefan Ketola (Flick…
Sorry John only just seen this message.

Welcome aboard and thanks for joining our group :)
5 years ago.
Michael Russo
Michael Russo
I see this is a old thread but:
Happy you are willing to take on the role as admin. Welcome aboard and welcome to Ipernity!
4 years ago.
Hello, I see that again this group is flooded with pics that - at least IMHO - are not portraits at all, e.g.
All admins and mods are in vacation already? :-)
4 years ago.
Stefan Ketola (Flick… has replied to Paŭl
I guess we all have different ideas of what constitutes a portrait.

To me those are all portraits by a broad definition (not quite sure why you feel they are not )

I check the group mostly daily and anything that doesn't fir the group rules as stated gets deleted. Sometimes things that I think are borderline will get deleted / sometimes they wont - depends how tolerant I may be feeling at the time.

I have had pics that have had no people in them, I have had pics of animals rather than people. I have seen pictures that are clearly pictures of pictures rather than of some person - flesh and bones - those all get removed.

If someone wants to start a poll to see what percentage of the frame should be occupied by a person and there is a strong consensus I am happy to steer in any direction that a fair majority would prefer.
4 years ago.
Yes, sure we have a different idea ;-) Here is what my photography book says about portraits.
A portrait
- Captures the personality or essence of a subject. Not just a picture with a person in it. A "clinical" portrait might not attempt to reveal the soul of a person, but it still needs to capture something of that person's uniqueness — or else it's not a portrait.
- Is staged. While portraits can be candid, even those tend to have some intentionality. The lighting, backdrops, and poses are important, even if they are ad hoc. (Or maybe especially when they are.)
4 years ago.

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