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nils ♫
June 22, 2013 - 5 comments - 569 visits

Dear members,

I'm not sure I will stay with this group. I promoted some active quality members to moderator or admin. Wish you all the best.

Your terrible admin,
Stefan Ketola (Flickr Refugee)
Stefan Ketola (Flick…
No need to make a swift exit Nils. Why not stick around but just take a back seat for now ?
Whatever you decide all the best :)

6 years ago.
Marta Wojtkowska
Marta Wojtkowska
Oh dear!
I am honored of course but it is rather sudden,
and I am not sure if I am the right person for such a responsibility (portrait is not exactly my specialization).
But I am curious: your not staying with the group means leaving it. Why is it so?
6 years ago. Edited 6 years ago.
nils ♫ has replied to Marta Wojtkowska
I have been admin here for a loong time. I seem to cleanup the same type of photos over and over again. Sometimes I get the idea my vision on "what is a portrait" is not shared with most people who post to this group. Then, spending time becomes an issue.
6 years ago.
Marta Wojtkowska has replied to nils ♫
So you are temporary discouraged, Nils.
I can understand it as I see now in the gallery some contributions that I would not dare to post here (or at all).
Nevertheless the main problem I see is their overall quality and this is something you cannot force with a public group, I am afraid.
6 years ago.
nils ♫ has replied to Marta Wojtkowska
Yes, you get it. Sorry if I've put you in a maybe unwanted position. Feel free to invite a fellow admin. I trust in you, as you know.
6 years ago.

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