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my stupid silly sends that I send each and every day of the year

Douglas Kostolnik
December 19, 2012 - 3 comments - 616 visits

I have just joined this group and I am still not sure how to post my pics lol Any help will be appreciated Hugs Uncle Dougie
Douglas Kostolnik
Douglas Kostolnik
This is a example of my sends each day

5 years ago.
Nellyg has replied to Douglas Kostolnik
Hi Douglas
No problem.
Look at your homepage, click on your gallery.
Click on the picture you want to send.
When it opens look at the top righthand side, ( if you run your mouse over the little icons they give more information)
Look for the icon of 3 little bodies and click on that. A new pop down menu should appear with all the groups you belong to.
Just click on the group you want to send it to..
And it's there!
By the way.......I think you'r crazy, but very welcome!!!!
5 years ago.
Or..Then I could just invite the damn thing and save all the trouble! Lol
5 years ago.

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