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Gee Dub
By Gee Dub
February 25, 2011 - 454 visits

Ipernity HQ guidelines as to acceptable postings of photos of people in public has not been clarified and it's enforcement has been selective and arbitrary at best. The Admins of this group tried to support and enforce these rules pending a new rating system that would clarify Ipernity's guidelines. The banning of posting images of people in public with recognizable faces has restricted many of the photos from being submitted to this group.

The admins of this group has decided it is not their responsibility to enforce these guidelines any longer, but the responsibility of the poster and Ipernity's HQ to do this.

The original concept of this group was to allow posters and viewers to enjoy contents of legal mature women genre. It is a undeniable truth that many people enjoy seeing images of mature females. As long as the photo does not defame or demean the people in the photo it will be allowed in this group in the future. It is the responsibility of the poster and Ipernity HQ to determine if a photo is against Ipernity guidelines.

This will be the new policy for screening postings to this group. All photos of mature women over the age of 30 years will be allowed as long at the image does not violate a persons right to privacy. Photos focusing on a particular body part (without face) or of poor photographic quality (from the admins personal point of view) will still be rejected.

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