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Here are the rules for Macro Dreams ✨ challenges

Please confirm you have read the rules when you ask to join.

Shoot what is generally known as macro photography. At Macro Dreams we are not too picky about it. Try to make the subject look bigger than it really is.

⭕ At Macro Dreams we slow down the pace and give you time to plan your shots and improve. Contribute on any challenge you like, whenever you like, as many times you like, and as often as you can. If any of your old photos fits to any given challenge, you can share it as a contribution at Macro Dreams.

⭕ We ask you kindly to contribute actively and comment on contributions. Be constructive and curious to learn something new. Members found inactive for over a year become removed from Macro Dreams. Their contributions can stay, but they have to apply for group membership to join the group again.

⭕ One contribution per 24 hours allowed.

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