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Here you find the available challenges and contributions on them. We try to update the list as often as possible.

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▶️ MDChallenges, the most recent first.

Remember, you can contribute on any of these challenges whenever you like, as many times you like, and as often as you can.

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Contributions that match the keywords used on challenges

Keyword search results sorted by relevance. Keywords as phrases put into quotation marks, as they should be written when adding a phrase as a keyword.

▶️ "Art"
▶️ "A real house"
▶️ "Agressivity"
▶️ "Autumn leaves"
▶️ button
▶️ Button-unbutton
▶️ "Brush"
▶️ "Car brand emblem"
▶️ "China in Detail"
▶️ "Coffee bubbles"
▶️ Cottonwool
▶️ Coins
▶️ Drop
▶️ "Eye of a needle"
▶️ electronics
▶️ "Family portrait"
▶️ "Fibres"
▶️ "Flower heart"
▶️ "Flying dinky toys"
▶️ "Fruit and Veg"
▶️ "Glass"
▶️ "Guess what"
▶️ "Herbs and Spices"
▶️ Iacta alea est
▶️ Insects
▶️ joint
▶️ "Kitchen utensil"
▶️ "Knive Blades"
▶️ Light and airy
▶️ Macrofenced
▶️ Minimal
▶️ Mouseprint
▶️ Multicoloured
▶️ Mushrooms
▶️ "Music"
▶️ "Nature’s poetry "
▶️ "Painted stones"
▶️ Paper
▶️ Pareidolia
▶️ Pebbles
▶️ Peeling paint
▶️ "Perennial leaves"
▶️ "Perfume bottles"
▶️ Repetition
▶️ Seedhead
▶️ Serrations
▶️ shell
▶️ "Shimmer and sparkle"
▶️ "Shoelace holders"
▶️ silver
▶️ "Spectacles in sepia"
▶️ Spiralsquare
▶️ "Tenderness"
▶️ "Unit of Measure"
▶️ "White on white"
▶️ "Woolen Dogs"

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 Sami Serola
Sami Serola club
Please use MDChallenge as a keyword on challenge announcements only:
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 Sami Serola
Sami Serola club
peeps, please take these keywords as an adventure. We provide here so called group keyword searches for you to discover all contributions by subject matter. You don't have to use these keywords. But if you do, or allow others to add them, they give you opportunity to explore Macro Dreams in new way.
11 months ago.

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