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What is macro?

Tape measure What is macro? Tape measure
Digital camera display (~3") is a good reference point. If the item seen on the camera display looks at least as big as it is in real life, then the image becomes magnified on the computer screen. You can also crop the image afterwards to make the item appear even bigger on the published photograph.

Share EXIF data if possible

We wish you to share the EXIF data. Enable EXIF on your account settings or mention at least the used aperture, shutter speed and ISO on the description below the image.

Use keywords

Please use keywords and consider allowing others to add keywords on your contributions.


Use the group search MDChallenge for all the challenges from latest to oldest.

Use the keyword(s) given on the challenge to identify your own challenge contribution. But please do not use MDChallenge. Otherwise contributions become mixed with the challenge announcements.

If you wish to add a link for the suggested keyword, then here you find a HTML code for links used on group keyword searches. Download the text file, and follow the instructions.

Use the group search and keyword(s) to find all contributions on the same challenge.

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