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shooting in the cloudy season of Japan

By bishop
May  9, 2008 - 1 comment - 647 visits

so... as i'm sure everyone has noticed (not sure how Okinawa and Hokkaido are right now), the weather is getting warmer and more humid... with that comes the clouds.... the terrible... terrible clouds.... so i was wondering, even tho a blanket of clouds and a sun to brighten up the sky like an over exposed piece of white paper has been a photographer's public enemy number one since the inception of photography, what do u do to combat this? i have been itching to get out there and shoot stuff but the sky has just been so terrible! so... what are ur suggestions for the terrible sky we see now (especially around the kanto area) so as not to get super over exposed sky and under exposed ground....

thanks! XD
Can you show me an example for "the sky you want to express" here?
9 years ago.

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