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February issue GROUP SLIDE SHOW

We made a slideshow from 10 piecies of this group photos. These are so marvelous and express beauty of Japan well. We appreciated that 10 members who join this (small) project.

Thank you very much, manganite, fotopakismo,tetsumaru, Ojisanjake,Aurelio Asiain ,Nowhere man,Will Young, bishopand Polkadotspeed.
Moreover I've just added their thoughts about PHOTOGRAPHY and the photographer or artist who they adore if they have. Also some details are described why they take shots of Japan.


About me and Japan and taking pictures is not so complicated. We lived for two years in Japan and were really fascinated by the country. So we took a lot pictures. Mainly in the beginning when everything was new for us. And then in the end when we were afraid of missing something. So we went around taking pictures from everything we wanted to keep in mind.
Second point is that I bought my DSLR in Japan, so it was new and I was eager to learn it. So tried a lot to improve my abilities :)


When I shoot I always look for the bright colors and to create an bold effect of impact. In a sense I try to explain through the image what the individual or the scenery (my main subjects by the way) made me feel at that moment. I suppose that the fact that I am from Mexico is what always makes me go after the vivid colors. Also, when I shoot the sense of space and vastness is always on my eye, that can be explained because my favorite artists are Mexican muralists like Orozco, Rivera and Siqueiros. No wonder why my favorite lens is my wide angle of 10 mm. My favorite photographers include Robert Capa and Henri Cartier-Bresson although none of my pictures look like theirs, but basically all the photographers featured in National Geographic and their work
are my inspiration.

I started taking pictures to store beautiful lives. For nobody can stop time flying away and beautiful moment also passes by. I just wanted to collect the real happy lives.
Camera always gives me another eye to see the world. When I am with my camera, I can find small little beautiful things. My favorite objects are things make me feel someone not in the picture. A window with a shirt hanged, an umbrella left on the street. a chair in the lights...

Another theme for me is to tell everybody that Japan is beautiful. After visiting Europe and America I could find that Japan is so beautiful as another place
in the world. I want to show it to Japanese and the other people all over the world.


I first used a camera and darkroom as a young art student in 1970.
In 74 I bought a camera (Pentax K1000), but sold it a few years later. It bothered me that everywhere I went I looked for things to photograph. I found that a great intrusion, so quit taking photos until a couple of years ago. I did teach digital photography for a while 20 years ago.
I make slideshows of snapshots I take when visiting somewhere new.

My subjects are whatever my eyes are attracted to, though I think its true to say that I tend to “see” paintings everywhere! As an artist I was heavily influenced by Op Art, geometric abstraction, Constructivism, and so on.
My technique is “point and shoot”. I take a lot of photos, very quickly, with as little thinking as possible. I am less concerned with making individual images, rather the sequence is more important for me. Unfortunately very few people have the time to view my work as a slideshow, which is a shame.

Will Young

I am just starting to take photographs. They capture memories for me and help me to travel back to that time. Recently, I have been practicing taking photographs to find beauty and form in unexpected places. I'd like to thank all the great ipernity photographers who are inspiring me to take more and more pictures and helping me to see the world in a new way.


I push the button because i try and capture the most feeling i can. so i guess that when something evokes a certain feeling in me, i try and capture the shot that best conveys those feelings i get to the audience. sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. plus, i love the sound of a clicking camera XD


"About photography: One thing that I learnt from my stay in Japan was the strong appreciation of ephemeral beauty of nature and life in general, and I believe that the best tool we have to capture that brief and fleeting moment of acute beauty is via photography. Beauty is often perceived as something subjective, and I subscribe to such a notion. It is this subjectivity that encourage me to try my best to capture beauty as I believe what beauty is.
Although I do often come to the conclusion of how limited my perception is, and how it is difficult for us to break away from conventional definition of beauty.
A rather sad and discouraging thought.
Nevertheless that is not a reason to stop photography for me. One thing humanity can learn from mathematics is that what we can see, touch and hear, may not be all that is there in our universe. Dirac's contribution to modern science for examply, via the prediction of the existance of antimatter was a form of mathematical beauty which is both aweinspiring and ground-breaking in that it preceeded empirical observation.

Our narrow band of perceivable spectrum of sensation is rather like a cage whereby a thoughtful "artist" would try to break free. I take photographs when I feel that my state of mind would allow me to break free from this mental cage. I fail almost all the time."

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Very nice! good work nottie....

Coming from a mailbox (?)
9 years ago.
nottiestyle has replied to ojisanjake
Actually I took a long time to pick up one from your wonderful photos.
Your picture is KOIOBORI Fish are sailing in the sky)..perhaps only one piece in this group and maybe..only one in ipernity,I guess. The fish in your pic are alive! Very nice!
Thank you for your cooperation!
9 years ago. Edited 9 years ago.
wonderful. Reminds me the trip in Osaka's Gondola and boat trip.
9 years ago.
nottiestyle has replied to shangzheng
Thank you!!
You know, Osaka downtown with that river is much more interesting than other cities.
9 years ago.
Christophe Ruelle
Christophe Ruelle
The best of the best, in one slieshow ;) Good work nottiestyle!
9 years ago.
nottiestyle has replied to Christophe Ruelle
Thank you, Christophe.
I am always thinking about Group activity,these days.
Each photo of the group has a common theme or concept.
So it is easier to make some creation with them.
A slideshow is one of them.
9 years ago.
10 images that both inspire
and arouse envy

Congratulations to all 10
for your wonderful images
9 years ago.
nottiestyle has replied to k2hsharpe
Actually 9 belongs to Japan Group and the opening image "Dragon" is not.
We are waiting your photo,too!!
9 years ago.
Le vert des rivières
Le vert des rivières
Coming from a user's blog (?)
9 years ago.
nottiestyle has replied to Le vert des rivières
Thank you. It is pleasure to have you here.
9 years ago.
I added the comments from the members who joined this slideshow ;-)
9 years ago.

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