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Contest Without Prize

Rob Stamp
By Rob Stamp club
December  6, 2014 - 3 comments - 396 visits- Permalink

First, I must point out that this is not a contest within this group. The reason I post here, is because I am hoping that the type of people that are enjoying the challenge here, will find the CWP entertaining. Also, I do not want it to be restricted to "Panoramio Exiles", or particularly those familiar with the contests run in the forums there. And while the theme of "Solitary Tree" was decided some weeks ago, the tie-in with the new "Trees" project here, is a nice coincidence, which may well generate some extra interest.

Basically it involves adding one photo matching a different theme each month, and then having everyone vote on which ones they think are the best.

The Contest Without Prize will start in January 2015, but to have the number of members rise before then, would be reassuring.

Note that the contributions present at the moment, are from the testing and learning phase, and will be tidied up for the start.
 Janet Brien
Janet Brien club
I love the idea!! I also wish that I had time to devote to making some sort of contest here, but I just don't right now. Rob, what would you think about updating this thread whenever there is a new contest so that we are alerted? I will be joining your group, but I know from experience that I need multiple cattle prods to get my attention to all the amazing things going on all around me at any given moment! :)

Hooray for another fun group! I hope that it is wildly successful!! I will do my best to participate! :)
6 years ago.
 Rob Stamp
Rob Stamp club
Having found a new home here, it feels good to be able to give something to the existing community. Yes, I will update this thread. Being used to receiving email notifications via Panoramio, it is something to get used to here, that you have to do the checking yourself.
6 years ago.
 franco benf
franco benf club
Hello Janet

I'm glad you liked the idea of this CWP, I hope,one day to also have your pictures participant in this competition

sympathetically , franco
6 years ago.

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