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Non-English-Speaking Members, Can I Have Help Translating the Introduction Text Into Your Language?

Janet Brien
By A Janet Brien club
October  6, 2014 - 6 comments - 331 visits- Permalink

I want to make sure that everything translates ok for all of you whose native language is not English. It's my desire to make this group welcoming to everyone! :)

Right now the introduction text is in English, with properly translated text in German and Italian.

If you can help translating the introduction text into a language not included so far, I would be happy to add it to the list.

Do you think the explanation text to this group should be offered in different languages or will Google Translate be good enough for people to figure it out?

If you are feel it's important to translate the the rules text which explains how the group works and you have the time to do so, I'd be happy to add your translated version.

Thank you for reading! :)

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 Isabelle Barruhet
Isabelle Barruhet club
Les explications sont relativement claires, même si la traduction de google n'est pas vraiment au top et portent parfois à confusion.
Merci beaucoup
7 years ago.
Janet Brien club
has replied to Isabelle Barruhet club
I'm glad that you are able to understand well enough! :)

I agree, Google Translate isn't perfect, but it is usually good enough that I can figure out what is being said. :)
7 years ago.
Chrissy club
Hi Janet, I translated the introduction text in a less googleish version :-D
Maybe you will add it above.

In dieser Gruppe geht es um Fotografie-Projekte, die in jeder Woche ein anderes Thema beinhalten. Bisherige Projekte waren "A-Z" und "1-10". Das aktuelle Projekt lautet "Farbkreis" und beginnt am Montag, den 6. Oktober. In der ersten Woche ist das Thema "rot". Jeder ist willkommen an dem Spaß teilzunehmen!
7 years ago.
Janet Brien club
has replied to Chrissy club
Thank you so much, Chrissy!!! :)
7 years ago.
 Andrea Cazzavacca
Andrea Cazzavacca
Hi Janet, here my little contribution, the italian translation. I don't know how many italian are subscribed to this group, but I hope it helps.

Questo gruppo è caratterizzato da progetti fotografici settimanali a tema specifico.
I progetti precedenti sono stati A-Z e 1-10. Il progetto corrente è "La ruota dei colori" (iniziato lunedì 6 ottobre)
ed il tema della prima settimana è il colore "ROSSO". Chiunque è benvenuto ad unirsi al divertimento.
7 years ago.
Janet Brien club
has replied to Andrea Cazzavacca
THANK YOU VERY MUCH, Andrea! I have added it to the description, and I think it will help because with each proper translation, it shows that our group is multi-lingual. It's important and will be very welcoming to anyone thinking about joining. *big hugs*
7 years ago.

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