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Janet Brien
By A Janet Brien club
October  5, 2014 - 24 comments - 653 visits- Permalink

Hello everyone, and thank you so much for joining this new group! I thought it would be nice to introduce ourselves here. Just a short sentence will do, but you may tell us as much as you would like about yourself!
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 Janet Brien
Janet Brien club
Hi there! My name is Janet, and you all know me from my various on-going projects here, most notably my 365 Project, and lately, my A-Z and 1-10 Project. I am relatively new to pro-level photography, and started out a few years ago with a Canon super-zoom SX-30. It ignited my passion for photography and about six months later I moved up to a Canon 5D Mark II. Macro photography is my specialty, but I love all forms of photography, and dabble with other types of photography when I get the opportunity.

I was introduced to internet photography groups with Flickr, but left after a couple of years when they changed formats and connectivity slowed to a snail's pace. I discovered ipernity and never looked back. Great people, great website, what's not to love?!

I look forward to getting to know all of you better, and again, WELCOME to the party!! :)
5 years ago. Edited 5 years ago.
Alass club
Hi Janet I like photographing nature, but shapes and patterns also catch my eye, both natural and man made. I began in Flickr, and still am a member, in spite of the changes. I prefer Ipernity though. I like quirky unexpected subjects too, which originate in the mind of the photographer, rather than the quality of the camera.
5 years ago.
Janet Brien club has replied to Alass club
Thanks for the introduction, and it's great to meet you, Alass! Photography is so much fun, and something we will never truly master. I love that there will always be a million things to learn, and it's wonderful to see the world through other people's eyes.

Welcome aboard, it's wonderful to have you with us!
5 years ago.
Chrissy club
Hello I´m Chrissy.
I love photography since I had my first cheap camera in the age of 8. Every year I learn new skills and taking photos is a kind of relaxing for me.
5 years ago.
Hi Guys
I am Paul from Umkomaas on the East Coast of South Africa. I started dabbling with photography when I was at University, but then life got in the way, and I really didn't do much until I got a job with an NGO looking for water in rural South Africa, where I had to have a digital camera with me as part of my job, so I started taking happy snaps as I went along and saw something that appealed to me.

I had no idea that sites like Flickr and iPernity existed at the time, and didn't actually find them until an old school friend posted a picture that she had taken of me when I was 16 and posted it on Flickr. This was seen by another school friend who emailed me with the link, so I joined Flickr and was instantly hooked!

Being a car fanatic, my initial pictures were shots of cars that I had taken over the years, then I discovered Picnik on Flickr and my world exploded as I found out what I could do with my very ordinary snap shots!! Having never mastered Photoshop, I was blown away with what I could do in Picnik, and then PicMonkey when Picnik died. Now, I tend to "mess" with every one of my pictures, as I love experimenting with textures to see what I can create.

I am still on Flickr, but moved across to iPernity with the mass migration about 16 months ago - initially to see what it was all about, but recently I have found myself spending more and more time here, as interest seems to have waned from many of the Flickr groups.

I retired at the end of August, so theoretically have more time to "play" with my pictures.
I love challenges, and this group looks as if it is going to provide them.

Janet, thanks again for the invitation to join!
5 years ago.
Janet Brien club has replied to PaulOClassic©
WOW, what a lovely introduction, Paul!! Thanks for taking the time to tell us more about yourself and how you got to where you are now. Your dabbling in photography isn't very different than mine, though I didn't need a camera for my job. I picked up one of the first digitals because I wanted to take pictures of things on my walks. A fussy little thing but I loved it anyway. Interest waned with a new relationship, but a few years later we got another digital for me to play with and its macro feature got me excited in photography. A friend of mine suggested I put my pictures on Flickr, and like you, I didn't know anything about online photo sites. I was instantly hooked, and the rest is history!

Delighted you are looking forward to this project, it's great to have you!! :)
5 years ago.
Hi All, I see Some familiar names here and look forward to some interaction! :-)
Firstly my Name is Nigel, my nickname 'Nodule' came about when an american friend came to stay and never seemed able to pronounce my name properly, he made it sound like nodule- it never takes much to earn a nickname :-)
My photography started at school some 40+ years ago when we made shoe-box cameras in science classes... I have had a stream of camera's including a Zenith (with which I learned everything!), an Olympus OM2n, a Lubital II, a Yashicamat 124g and a Mamiya RB67. Several P&S cameras have been in my pocket from pretty much all the marks the best of which has been the Panasonic Lumix TZ6. I currently run with a ten year old Nikon D200 and a few lenses. I also make plenty of use of my photo quality scanner for macro work and of course my phones App!
While I love all the kit I am not impressed by any of it and do firmly believe you only need two things to take a decent photograph... Something in front of the camera and something behind it! I have absolutely no problem with Flickr or any photo based social networking site! I like to show off my work, they are the best places to do so and anything else is waffle! :-)
I am lucky enough to have a full-blown copy of Photoshop and have had since version 4 back in 1996! I do not consider myself an expert by any means and I truly believe there is not an editing suite that can touch it - but like anything in this world you need to put a little effort into it to get the best out of it.
That's me in a nutshell... Now, lets see what unfolds
5 years ago. Edited 5 years ago.
Janet Brien club has replied to Nodule
Delightful intro, "Nodule"! :D Such a funny story about your nickname! I loved reading about how you got to where you're standing today. How nice that you had the opportunity to use so many different cameras and methods, such a great education for you.

I also liked what you had to say about the most important part of a kit: what's in front and what's behind. My husband loves to use a quote which was said to him a long time ago while chatting with a wise Irish shop keeper at a dart shop, "It's not so much the dart as the hand that throws it." So true.

I couldn't agree more with sharing your images anywhere you want to, because the point is having more opportunities for people to see your pictures.

I also agree with your remarks on Photoshop. It's awesome, and I've owned a copy since the first version, when there were no layers *gasp*! That is a tool that cannot be truly mastered, it's so deep! But I also believe that it's a very important tool for making your pictures look their very best. Straight out of the camera is wonderful but I have found that it's only the extremely rare picture that I would post without touching. I try not to do too much, and I try to keep my images looking like how I saw them, and in order to do that with finesse, one must know the nuances of the tools used in Photoshop to achieve that goal. :)

Welcome aboard, I'm delighted that you're with us! *high five*
5 years ago.
 Sven Scholz
Sven Scholz club
Hi, I'm from Germany and drummer/musician.

I'm just a hobby fotographer (making pictures since childhood in the 70s - yes, i'm rather old...), so most of my pictures are made when i travel around. I love landscapes and stuff, with people and monochromes i'm still practicing and experimenting and trying to improve that. I wrote a bit about the "history" of my hobby into my blog, but unfortunately only in german, translating that into english would take me weeks. Nevertheless, if you understand german, here's the link :-)
5 years ago.
Janet Brien club has replied to Sven Scholz club
What a nice intro, Sven! And I turned 50 a few days ago, so I don't think you are old at all! :) That's really cool that you've been taking pictures for so long--I took a few when I was a teenager, but I didn't really know what I was doing! :)

I am fascinated by what you've written about what you do with monochromes, and intrigued by your blog. I will certainly take a peek! I know that Google Translate will slaughter your German, but hopefully I'll get the gist of what you've written. And of course, at the very least...I will enjoy your photography! :) WELCOME TO THE GROUP! :)
5 years ago.
 Ed Letts
Ed Letts club
Hi Janet! Thanks for the invite. I've been enjoying your photography since escaping from flickr myself. Lately the greatest obstacle to my photography has been life getting in the way so I'm hoping the challenge of only one photo a week will get me going again.
5 years ago.
kulturnik club
Hi Janet and thanks for the invitation. My name's Leo and I live in Melbourne, Australia.
5 years ago.
Janet Brien club has replied to kulturnik club
So nice to meet you, and welcome to the party! :)
5 years ago.
raingirl club
Hi. I'm a life long photographer who focuses on whatever draws my eye. Frequently it's details of things that seem beautiful in a slightly off way, though a framer once said when I said I didn't know how to tell people what I take photographs of "oh, that's easy - you take photographs of blues and greens". My eye has expanded to other colors since then - luckily for the color wheel theme.
5 years ago.
Janet Brien club has replied to raingirl club
I am so happy that you've joined our group, and I can certainly identify with your focus, since I do that too a lot of the time. LOL, so funny about the blue and green comment--you'll teach them, won't you! Glad to have you aboard in the group and with the Color Wheel project!
5 years ago.
Stormlizard club
Hi Janet.

A bit late here as you have met me on Iper already.
However a bit about me, I'm 80 or is it 08 can't remember it was ages since I was born anyway and what is age other than numbers, certainly not a disease.
Like Nigel I too have a tale about how John could become Stormlizard, well it was due to me opening an account on Skype in 1995, in the middle of filling in details I needed an Avatar picture and being fond of Gekko's tried to find a photo of one when "Crash, bang, flash" a thunder storm, power failed and PC crashed. Restart the whole thing again and when asked for an online name what better than Stormlizard and it hangs, used it on Multiply, and now here too.
I'm far from being a Pro photographer but now and then get things right, my past photo work has mostly been family photos where the subjects are either without feet, or part of their head is missing, often they looked like they were trying hard to imitate the tower in Piza.
My first real Camera, a Canon IXUS 400 was purchased in 2005

5 years ago.
Janet Brien club has replied to Stormlizard club
What a nice bio, John! :) I was happy to read about your ipernity name, that was a fun story! I'm sorry your computer crashed, but it's better than being fried! :)

You know, being a "pro" photographer isn't the be-all and end-all for everyone, and sometimes it's nice to just take pictures to capture the moment and not try to create a masterpiece! :) You tell stories with your pictures and I think that's awesome! :D

I didn't know you were 80, fantastic!! I admire anyone who's old enough to remember when computers were huge monstrosities, and who are now using one in their home. My father is 84 yrs old and he enjoys tinkering about on the net too. You are both unusual, since the older generation shies away from computers from what I've seen.

It's a pleasure to know you, John! And by the way, my preferred user name when it's not just Janet is "sfhipchick" and stands for San Francisco Hipchick, since I love to wear clothes that are "hip" and cool looking! :D
5 years ago.
Stormlizard club has replied to Janet Brien club
Thank you Janet.
Your user name would be difficult to use on the Telephone while eating soup (LOL)

Being an Engineer in Electronics and Telecommunication meant computers have been part of my working life.

Yes, in general my photos are meant to tell the story of the moment.

Regards. John.
5 years ago.
Heidiho club
Thanks again, Janet, for this possibiltity to add photos for week 1 - week 6 now.

We both (means Gisela Plewe too) only a few weeks ago came from Panoramio,
discovered a lot of fine groups here.

But the most interesting of all: this group !
It`s an enjoyment to find all the different kinds to see the world in colors.

I´m living in Berlin nearly 40 years. Just this summer I went in my retirement.
Until now I try to learn organising my new daily life.... it`s like paradise !!!!

Before I was a "working mom", since an early divorce jumping between job and kids.

Best regards, Heidiho
5 years ago.
Janet Brien club has replied to Heidiho club
I'm so delighted that you are having such a good time with ipernity and this group. Wow, in Berlin for 40 years...well, I was in San Francisco for about 35 yrs so I know what that's like to be in a famous city for a long time! :) Congratulations on your retirement! With the many years of work and being the single parent raising your children for all those years, you deserve every enjoyable moment of your retirement--may you have dozens of joyful, happy years to fill with fun adventures!! I am glad that you've found our group to frolick in! :)
5 years ago.
 Gisela Plewe
Gisela Plewe club
Photography is my elixir of life since many years beside job and family in both, good and difficult times. It gives me more than pleasure.

Most time I was living in Frankfurt aM, which I am sometimes missing today. Now I live 100 km away in a small town that lies in a beautiful, historic landscape, and in that glass plays a major role, a very fascinating medium for macro photography.

At IP inspires me the possibility to create albums and even more to take part in vibrant groups such as this 10-week project group. Thank you, that it exists! I am happy to be here!
5 years ago.
Janet Brien club has replied to Gisela Plewe club
How nice to hear from you! I agree with you, photography is an elixer! :)

I have visited Frankfurt once, and I very much enjoyed this city. I would love to visit again, and maybe where you live in a small and intimate town. Some day we'll travel to Europe with our cameras, I cannot wait!

So happy to have you with us here, I'm glad you found us, and I look forward to taking part in other 10 week projects with you!
5 years ago.
Gisela Plewe club has replied to Janet Brien club
Janet, when you are coming to Europe, tell me, when you will be in Frankfurt. Once I organized photographer meetings in this town. Although much has changed in the meantime, I have lots of good tips. We can meet there.
5 years ago.
Janet Brien club has replied to Gisela Plewe club
:D Will do!!
5 years ago.

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