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After I finished my 365 Project, I was worn out and needed a break. When finally felt like I wanted to pick up my camera again, I didn't really know what to focus on. Thinking about how I could motivate myself, I was reminded of the many awesome photography groups here on ipernity. One of them is a repeating A-Z group and that immediately got me excited. Right away, one of my good friends on ipernity, Chrissy, jumped aboard and started with her own A-Z, and when that project was nearing completion, she suggested a 1-10 project. Several other people joined us for that project, and near the completion of that one, one of our new project buddies, Lynne, suggested "Color Wheel" for our next project. Chrissy and I talked about that previously as well, so it was an easy win. Finally, Chrissy thought we should have our own group so all of our pictures could be in the same place. I'd been planning on it, but with a shove from Chrissy, here we are!

One of the best things about having a group of people all doing the same project is seeing what each of us comes up with for each weekly picture. Always fun to look at and compare with our own picture, inspiring and interesting too, our images together make us a group of photo buddies, encouraging and pushing each of us forward!

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 Janet Brien
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I'm glad, Lynn! I feel the same way. My 365 Project was so all-encompassing that I felt adrift without the constant daily requirement to find, take, process and post a picture every day. I like having a project to keep me thinking about photography, and themes really are so inspiring! Glad you've joined the gang, it's great to have you! *high five*
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