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Read please:)

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Please do not only dump your images!!!!
Be kind, and when you post, have a look to others images.

If you wish, add a comment like:

Nice to see your image in the group ITALIA - ITALIE - ITALY - ITALIEN

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 GroupBuster Sami (serola)
GroupBuster Sami (se…
Seen. Great idea. I hope it works.

EDIT: And I mean the first part. Look and comment.

What comes to group code, then please remember Group guidelines:

Last paragraph:
"Last but not least
Do not promote groups in comments under other people’s photos, especially not with any (animated) graphics. For this purpose there is the function “Suggest a group” in the action menu."
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 Annalia S.
Annalia S. club
17 months ago.
Annemarie club
ok, done:)
17 months ago.

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