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Where is a good place...

GiNa P.
By GiNa P.
September 22, 2007 - 2 comments - 956 visits- Permalink

... for taking industrial-pix especially for details.
Tell us your favorite places!
Maybe another member can be take the chance to go to there.
 GiNa P.
GiNa P.
Europäische Route der Industriekultur
Eine vielseitige Sammlung an Industriedenkmälern und nicht nur regionale sondern auch Europäische Themenrouten.

European Route of Industrial Heritage
A big collection of Industrial Heritage.


13 years ago.
 Ulrich Dinges
Ulrich Dinges club
in regard of industry i prefer the contemporary Pictures. You will find soooo much decay and so rare contemporary industry pictures.

Maybe there is an open day in a company or a fair where machines are shown. Or you go to a very smal company and ask the owner. You can also take pictures where no person is surround in a big company.
13 years ago.

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