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By A Oolong
November 10, 2007 - 1 comment - 402 visits

I thought I'd better check... the group description says things contributed here should be handmade, 'no externally powered machines.' I've been decorating USB sticks with epoxy putty - obviously, their core is machine-made, but the main part of what you're seeing is all done with my own hands. Would that count?
Thanks for your question, Oolong. Well, it's hard to draw the line. Nowadays almost anything handmade has got some machine work at some earlier stage. Of course this is not purest crafting, but since we're industrialized rather than tribal I wouldn't be so strict. So, as long as the focus is on the selfmade part, anything is fine. Your USB stick is very welcome, go ahead and upload!
10 years ago.

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