Group: Streetart (graffiti, stencils, cuttings, stickers, urban knitting, ...)

Be prepared: This group will be a spam - free one

ୱ Kiezkickerde ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
January 20, 2014 - 345 visits

This group will be a spam - free.

No more
- comment - codes like "Seen in" or "Admired in"
- no awards
- no links to groups inside of comments. If linked or not
- no advertisement for groups, textual or graphic
- nothing else like this, anything like that...

...inside the comment - section.

This rule will be apply in a few days, and the group will went (hopefully just temporarelly) to a moderated one because of this.
I just need a few days until I got the needed free time to moderate it in this way.

There won´t be any further note about this. If you don´t want your photos to be removed within a few minutes (or yourself) from this group you should follow this simple rule from now unlike it won´t be active for the moment.

If you won´t comply to this rule feel free to leave this group by NOW (and don´t forget to remove your already added documents first as well) and be happy with your spaming guys by spaming each other.

This group doesn´t need you to be a fine group which is comply to ipernity´s group-rules which doesn´t need any sentence about spam before you had discovered ipernity as a new space for your group - advertisements.


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