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May  3, 2017 - 3 comments - 112 visits- Permalink

This news has been written collaboratively by the IMA team. Please feel free to share the news elsewhere.

As many have already noticed, Mr. Christophe Ruelle has signed the letter of intent confirming his acceptance of IMA's proposal. A copy of this document can be found on the IMA website at:

IMA President, Eric Desjours will sign one copy for IMA’s records. This letter of intent does not require anyone else’s signatures.

Please remember the agreement with IMA has all along been Christophe’s intent. This document is not the final legal agreement. Ipernity S.A. needs to go through a legally required process to be able to transfer assets such as the ipernity platform to a 3rd party such as IMA. In order to perform this process a legal administrator will be appointed who needs to assess the terms and conditions of this transfer and give final approval to complete the deal. In such cases there is always a chance that the legal administrator does not accept the agreed deal. However, we are very confident that the deal agreed upon with Christophe Ruelle and Ipernity S.A. is acceptable for the administrator and therefore we consider the associated risk minimal.

The process for achieving a final legally approved agreement may take several weeks. IMA has collected the crowdfunding money, and will start to use it as explained on the letter of intent. Please read through that letter of intent for more details.
Christophe has informed us he may change the Ipernity Club membership prices in May. IMA asks you not to renew your membership yet but wait until legal agreement is done and bank account for payments is changed. IMA will announce when we recommend you start paying membership fees.

If you do pay your membership after they become increased by Christophe, IMA will respect your choice. However we are not in the position to guarantee any acknowledgement of paid renewal fees as IMA membership fees because some of the transition conditions are highly dependent on legal decisions by the administrator and Ipernity S.A. deducting such payments from IMA obligations under the agreement. Therefore we urge you to make a prudent decision regarding renewal terms and payments.
Typo93 club
3 years ago.
 Peggy C
Peggy C club
Thank you -- we are still in the process, be it slower than we want matters not -- that it is done correctly does matter ..
2 years ago.
 Peggy C
Peggy C club

YES ! We did it ..
2 years ago.

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