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By Algri
March 14, 2009 - 4 comments - 638 visits

Hello everybody, first of all, this is not a bad message, i believe that everybody is free to go in a group and to go out, but but i would like to ask you the sense of "Funny pics" when i see all the docs from Gee Dub,,, some of them are funny pics and many of them are not funny.... so it would be nice if someone could explain me the way i'll have to show all this docs and found them funny.

Thank you very much

Wish you all a very funny day :O)

funny or not funny, that's the question ? Girls Bike and Vitton Bag
NHRA Winternationals 2009 4941
Hollywood Blvd Summer 2008
waiting of your funny answer, and already laughing :O)
8 years ago.
ruinix has replied to Algri
:) Hi Algri!
Thank you for your comment.
That is the "problem" with photos of funny situations. What is funny for some people, can be completely normal to others (as I think about the examples) or even offensive.
Every buffoon, joker or clown is very welcome to contribute here with what they think is funny.

Have a great day!
8 years ago.
Algri has replied to ruinix
Hello ruinix,
you are right, what is funny for some people, can be completely normal to others, for me a big man is just a big man, and a nice girl is a nice girl...
Should be nice if i receive other answer specially from Gee Dub.
Anyway thank you for answering and made me an admin.
Hope it will not make some trouble, if it will be... i think i will get out from the Funny Group without trouble.
Have a nice day !
8 years ago.

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