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Plan de Campagne (What, how, who, when?)

October 18, 2008 - 1 comment - 478 visits

I want to get us not in the way of each other, and everybody who can help can do that on it's own field of interest and expertise, that way we can get things done.

First thing to be done is an overview of what has to be done. In short on the field of browser modifications that would be adding a service, adding to the people-sidebar, getting new mediabar listings sorted out and integrated, getting recognition of ipernity at login, getting the upload function to work with ipernity and not only with pictures in this regard.

We can use a lot of the already existing parts for Flickr, I think. That service I heard to be one of the simpler, so it should be doable.

Roles to give for now:
- Who wants to get us an SVN-account somewhere (e.g. at Google Code)?
- Who wants to get a basic kind of extension there, some kind of prototype or even more basic, just so we can get started (expertise with Firefox extensions for this is a great plus)?
- Who wants to give a first idea of how to implement each part? (In the evening European time, day US time most of the Flock development is available at #flock-dev and is willing to help us out when necessary!)
- If there is anyone willing at least to assist me and preferably to take over a lot of my leading role I got out of starting this, thanks a lot already, I really don't have time by the bucket loads, but I really want this project to be succesful...!

Please answer on this message and take one of these roles, or one I've forgotten about...

And thanks already you've joined this group, I'm very happy about that!

I've added #ipernity to my list of autologin IRC-channels, I will be there :)
10 years ago.

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