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October 17, 2008 - 2 comments - 585 visits

See my message here:

I really like Flock as a browser and I definitely love ipernity, for several reasons it's a great website I'm now completely addicted to. But there's one think that would make it all complete: integration of ipernity in Flock.

Yet before people (including me) have asked for ipernity-integration in Flock. The ipernity-team seems to like the idea (you really rock) but as ipernity is not that big as a website, the Flock programming team is not quite ready to spend their time on it.

So I thought maybe we could do it ourselves, as a Flock-addon.

So I'm asking you if you're willing to help on this.

Reasons to participate (only 1 has to be applieable, and otherwise you're welcome too):
- You know XUL/JS/CSS and want to excercise on that in a real big plan
- You want to lead a big project and get leadership experience this way (yes, in urgent cases I'm willing to lead, but if someone has some experience in OpenSource developement that would be suberb)
- You like HTML/JS-programming
- You want to test the API on a big case
- You want to help the API being improved
- You have great ideas
- You are good at reading (Flock's) programmer's documentation
- You love Flock
- You love Ipernity

Please tell me if I'm forgetting something, and please send me a message if you want to plan and prepare for this project (SVN, timeplan, getting people in the right place, getting a prototype working...).

Thanks for reading, and please leave your comments here. I will add the details here when I know more...

LaPingvino (one of the Esperanto-translators of ipernity; ipernity-team, thanks a lot for giving us this great communityplace and making it great!)
Christophe Ruelle
Christophe Ruelle
Thank you for the invitation + giving me the moderator role.
10 years ago.

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