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Hello !我是一个苏州大学生,从小在中国大陆长大,现在22岁。喜欢音乐,写文章,看新闻,和学习多媒体软件。将来想成为一个CG从业者。不得不说,中国网络实在被国家限制的太厉害了,国外的消息很难进入中国民众的视野。我非常想了解国外的世界,交一些国外的朋友。无意中,发现这里好像还不错,大家都很友好。请大家以后多多关照~另外我想知道国外人用什么聊天工具?类似中国的QQ的有吗?中国人都使用QQ,大约3亿用户了。╰( ̄▽ ̄)╮

Hello ! I am a Suzhou university students, from childhood grew up in mainland China, and now 22 years old. Like music, writing articles, read news, and learning multimedia software.
Have to say, the Chinese network is restricted by the government is too serious, and foreign news is difficult to enter the Chinese people's perspective. I very much would like to know outside world, to pay some foreign friends.Accidentally found that there seems pretty good, you are very friendly. Please give more concern to the future ~ In addition, I would like to know what the foreign people chat tools? Like China's QQ's have? Chinese people use QQ, about 3 million users of. 。╰( ̄▽ ̄)╮
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