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By Cathlon
December  9, 2013 - 3 comments - 340 visits- Permalink

It would appear that Les is too busy elsewhere at the moment and has made Gillie & I admins for this group. As some of you know I already have 7 groups I admin and really, really, don't have the time to give to this Group to get it functioning, active, fun and back to what it was.

So I am begging, pleading, asking very nicely if one of you would be willing to step in and try to resuscitate this group back to the vibrant energy it had originally.

I have noticed that when the Admin goes MIA the groups gradually fade away, but as I have said I just don't have any more time to devote to it.

PLEASSSSSSSE Will someone step up and take care of this group?


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Phew. I am so lucky. Janet has agree to give it a try, even though she is really busy she doesn't want to see the group die any either. Is there anyone who would be willing to be a co-admin or moderator to help her out?
6 years ago.
 Janet Brien
Janet Brien club
I will be happy to take the reins!

Give me a few days to get things going (I have some projects going on at the moment) and I'll begin recruiting and in the meantime, I'll think of some fun ways to revitalize this fun group! :)
6 years ago.
 Peggy C
Peggy C club
.. good, Janet ! If you need anything, send me an email.
6 years ago.

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