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Image missing? Please find the explanation here.

Sami Serola
By A Sami Serola club
March 10, 2020 - 3 comments - 121 visits- Permalink

At Bilderdomino group and game there can be "broken links" and some "pieces" missing in the past. There can be various reasons for that:

1) Member has left the group and/or ipernity, and the group contributions have become removed as well.

2) Member has decided to "reuse" the image later on.

3) Member have had 'Club' subscription earlier, which has then expired and turned to 'Guest' account limited to 100 images. Therefore some older contributions have "disappeared".

4) Member has removed the contribution and/or image deliberately for various reasons. For example member has decided to remove image that may infringe copyright (e.g. image of lit Eiffel tower). There can be also some personal reason. For example some of us seem to have a habit to keep the total number of images within certain limits, and that is totally okay.

At Bilderdomino we accept all these, and we just have to let them go. Besides, many of us does not often "look back" anyway. The game in the past stays within the past. So, keep on playing and have fun! =)

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 Erika Akire
Erika Akire club
...That's my opinion, too...
so keep on playing and have FUN!!!
18 months ago.
christel.k club
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liebe Erika,
bisher hat es immer Spaß gemacht, nun werden neue Regeln eingeführt?
schau mal die Kommentare hier:
18 months ago.
Gucki club
Ist aber nicht gut, wenn eine Admin hat eine bessere Bild ("...mein Ei ist größer) und sie macht 2 Bilder von mir weg, weil sie will zeigen eigene Bilder:
obwohl ich hatte Regeln mit Thema "Ei" beachtet:
(Antwort auf
Ist "größer" eine Grund für Wechsel? Kann jeder machen das, wenn er hat Interesse? Sie ist Admin und beachtet nicht Regeln.
Außerdem Gruppe hat große Handicap. Neue Beiträge kommen so schnell, Admins können nicht schnell prüfen immer, auch wenn sie wollen sein korrekt. Da sind Bilder auch ohne Beziehung zu voriges Bild und ohne Erklärung, warum da hingestellt.

Ich mache Ende in die Gruppe.
18 months ago.

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