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remove pictures 28.2.2020

Erika Akire
By A Erika Akire club
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unfortunately I had to delete several pictures today, because the domino on Nathalie's smoker did not fit at all, and also no second picture was set. I'm sorry that I didn't notice this before, because otherwise all members always try so much. Thanks for your understanding.
 Sami Serola (inactive)
Sami Serola (inactiv… club
I would like to ask members to explain their possibly ambiguous "game move". So, everyone, please consider writing on caption the element or "thing" that in your opinion matches with the challenging image you are responding to. This is not usually needed. But when the difference is pretty far fetched, then it would be nice to find out what you were thinking ;-)

This request is of course much to ask. We definitely wish not to restrict your artistic freedom. We also respect everyone's right to use their own space (title, caption, notes etc.) the way they want. So, explanations on caption may ruin the artistic whole. It is also very subjective what is "ambiguous". But try to step into someone else's shoes when for example trying to decide if a black jar on white tablecloth really looks the same as a black cat on snow. It may match as an composition though. But that could then be a good place to explain it on caption ;-)

All members, please also excuse us (Erika and Sami) if we are sometimes too late to moderate. Very often the game gets way too hectic and fast for us to get something corrected in time. Then it is better to let it go. The game becomes "broken" in the past anyway, when people use the same images again, or if contributions become removed later on for some reason (e.g. user leaves the group or ipernity, and takes the images down).
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Ruesterstaude club
Dear Sami,
du hast eigentlich damit alles gesagt. Ich stimme dir inhaltlich ganz zu. Zunächst aber eine kleine Korrektur: Im ersten Abschnitt muss es meines Erachtens nicht "pair of images" heißen, sondern "image", weil man ja nur auf ein Bild antwortet, und auch nicht "should match" , sondern "matches", weil du ja auch "in your opinion" geschrieben hast. Vielleicht auch zur Verdeutlichung die Bitte einfügen, dass mit dem 2. Bild der Herausforderer (challenger) das Thema seines Bildes nennt, das der nächste Anleger aufgreifen sollte.
Wenn jemand dasselbe Bild später noch einmal verwendet, egal ob bewusst oder unbewusst, wäre das nicht ganz so schön, aber ihr werdet es nicht vermeiden können, denn irgendwann versagt ja das Gedächtnis. Schlimmer, wenn jemand auscheidet, aber dann ließen sich vielleicht 2 Pause-Meldungen einfügen?

Liebe Grüße - und danke für eure Mühe,
3 years ago.
Sami Serola (inactiv… club has replied to Ruesterstaude club
"Pair of images" corrected =)

"Should match" also corrected.

What comes to the previous contributions used again as new, people must have done that consciously. It is somewhat impossible to miss the ✔-sign on the contribution pop-up list. So, people must have first removed the old contribution and then contributed as new. This has been going on by many members for quite some time. I have silently accepted it, but tried to avoid doing it myself. I have only removed some of my old contributions that have become as "broken links". For example I have removed some of my old images that have infringed copyright (e.g. pictures of board games).
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