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Introducing myself

Andrea Cazzavacca
July  4, 2014 - 379 visits

Hi everyone,
I'm Andrea, and I'm a web programmer, I work mostly in php, javascript and html.

I joined this group cause I realized a little script for greasemonkey focused on show which photos (from a user list or details etc.etc.) have already been commented by you.

I used to have such script on Flickr and I find it very useful, so I decided to realize something similar for Ipernity, and suddenly I made it! The whole work is mainly written in javascript.

Now the point is that I'm not sure about some technical details, and I also like to share my work with the community. There are also some limitations that I would like to pass through, and maybe you guys could help me.

Now I like to explain my first question and if you like I could post my script here, so you guys can try it out.

In order to navigate through the comments of a single photo I had to create an API key (and that's ok) but I also had to include my secret key in the script to let the script work

My really first question is this:

There are any security issues related to the inclusion of the secret? Should I publish this script with no worries or not?

I hope you can help me, and I also hope you can find this type of script as useful as I do.


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