Group: Animals in the Wild


Aigrettes OU Hérons garde-bœuf.

Chevalier cul-blanc - Tringa ochropus - Green Sand…

Balbuzard pecheur

Girlitz. (PiP)

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Balbuzard pecheur

The Easter Bunny

Leap of faith

Going it alone

Running on the plains

Coot On Its Nest.

duck on ice DSC 8722


Grabbing the carnucles

Side kick

Above the fray

Flying wing strike

Showing off to the combantants

Balbuzard pecheur

DSC 0156(2)R

White-breasted nuthatch

Blue jay, red leaves

Mr. Mallard takes a stroll

Canada Goose

Nette rousse - Netta rufina - Red-crested Pochard…

Couleuvre a collier

Hibou des marais