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By A Fizgig
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Once in a while the admins. will spot a photo they really like. We have a special admin. award for those. If your photo has received the award shown below, you are welcome to post it here at small size option "240". If you're not a club member, you may not have access to that code, so feel free to post a link to your photo and we will clean things up for ya.

Photos posted here must have the following award:


Please post your superb photo in the Admin. Choice Photos thread at Amazing Details.


Unqualified photos will be removed without notice.

╰⊰✿ Each photo will be on display for about one calendar year from the time of posting {or original post being edited} in the discussion thread for all to enjoy =) ✿⊱╮


How to Get Image Codes *:

• Open photo's main page.
• On the right side click on "More options" & select "Share (HTML Code / BBCode)"
• Click on the "240" size option
• Select the HTML / BBCode in the second, bigger box below the photo & copy it
• Paste code in this thread

*If you are not a club member of ipernity, you will not have access to this option for your photos.

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