Group: Birds of prey

Screech Owl

Great Blue Heron

Where did you suddenly appear from?!

Angolo zen sul lago di Varese ...

Balbuzard Pêcheur

Don't bother me I'm eating

Hibou des marais femelle

Keeping an eye on you while I take care of this it…

La strana coppia ...

Osprey with fish

Robin with Berries

Flying Geese

Cormorant dropped his fish, and looked defeated

Faucon Hobereau

Lesser yellowleg

Osprey with Fish.

Hummingbird hovering.

DSC 1266

HDM ( Essonne )

Hibou Des Marais ( Essonne )

HDM ( Essonne )

en roulant a la meme vitesse...

HDM ( Essonne )