Group: CAMION Trucks LKW משאית BUS mula בוס CAMIONETA FURGON VAN אוטובוס

Ollerton van.

Vehicle no longer used in Loulé's salt mine.

Diesel station to fill the tanks of trucks and mac…

Trying to fix damage.

The 1990 Volvo of the touristic tour.

Docking the ferry at the wharf.

Peugeot 504 pickup (1985).

Deutsche Sporthalle in Berlin 1951

After an accident, life goes on...

Old mini-bus Mazda.

Bus of the group circuit in India.

Mahindra 275 DI in the motorway.

Fiat Ducato (2019) with Pop-Art.

Renault Express pickup (1996).

Volkswagen Transporter (1968).

Volkswagen Transporter (1973).

Volkswagen Transporter (1972).

AEC Routemaster.

Chevrolet funerary truck.

Village barber.

The safety fence couldn't hold this truck!!

"Old style bread" - a tricycle Ape with oven to ba…

Selling vegetables to the door.

Volkswagen Transporter (1970).

Bedford CF (1979).

Ford Pickup (1936).

Mercedes-Benz O 405 (1994).