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Penedos, Azuis

Penedos, Renault 4L

Penedos, Renault 4L

Trancoso, Portugal

Penedos, 4L L1020126

Penedos, 4L L1020133


Penedos, Tractor e 4L L1020104

Penedos, Tractor

Penedos, Baixo Alentejo

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Penedos, Laundry on a rainy day

Renault 4 (1990).

Renault 4 - 1984.

Renault 4 (1991).

Renault 4 (1986).

Red cars go faster

At Millthorpe station

Renault 4 (1987).

1987 Renault 4

A classic day

Blue reflections

Survivor of a tour of Africa in 2011/12, exhibitte…

Meet Brigette

The red rocket

Renault Quatrelle

1986 Renault Quatrelle GTL for a giant

1984 Renault Quatrelle