Group: flores silvestres del mundo ( wild flowers)

White Oxalis

Tiny Weeds In An Egg Cup.

Broom and Daisies

Boulder, Weeds and Fern.

Clover All Over.

Wild Flower.

Just a Weed.

Iris algirica après la pluie ...

Rose de Noël.

Daisy's Visitor

Montbretia (rocosmia × crocosmiiflora)

Miniature Beauties.

Just Growing Wild.

Tiny Treasures.

Colourful Weeds.

Pink Beach Flowers.

Cyclamen neapolitanum blanc.

In the Grass

Cyclamen neapolitanum

Flax Flowers

Buttercup Fence.

Flowers Of the Fields

On Our Lawn

Dipsacus sylvestris

Erigeron annuus.

Just Dandelions and Grass