Group: Vintage "Stairstep" Photos

Stairstep Emotions

Stair-stepped, pose #2

Stair-stepped photo

Grumpy Stairsteps

Grumpier, grumpiest, grumpy and grumpy

Stairstepped little hikers

At home on Lee St. in Milwaukee, about 1897

Four Men at Devil's Den, Gettysburg, Pa.

Lots of love from all the McGhies

"723 family" a few years later....

Diagonal Cabinet Card

Posing before the party

Children in the field, 1929

Stair-stepped trio

Six friends

Richard, Doris and Carl Grossenbach, about 1924.

Little girls and their dolls (found)

Shortest to tallest

English All-of-a-Kind Family

Connecticut Children

The Curlytops