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June  4, 2017 - 7 comments - 224 visits- Permalink

My ideal for this group is that photographers would not only offer their own images, but act as curators to the gallery, inviting others to show a single image here.

You need to look at the range of images that belong to the Group. Do you see the kinds of things the Group is looking for? Will you spend a minute or two to look at an image here and comment on it to the person who has made that image?

Look. Think. Create. Enjoy.
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Heidiho club
I looked. I did. I spent time. I invited.
But - why did YOU leave the group administration, Steve ???
2 years ago.
 Au Cœur...
Au Cœur... club
Hello to all

That seems an interesting question, I feel I'd like to know as well :-)
2 years ago.
 Sarah P.
Sarah P. club
Echoing Heidiho's comment and wondering in addition who made a an administrator of this group (Steve?) I'm flatter, but ...?
2 years ago.
Steve Bucknell club has replied to Sarah P. club
One of the founding eccentricities was to make everyone an administrator. It wasn’t me, but I approve, of course. I don’t know why I left or why I returned, maybe just to create a little drama for myself.
2 years ago.
Au Cœur... club has replied to Steve Bucknell club
interesting... :-)
did it work?
2 years ago.
Steve Bucknell club has replied to Au Cœur... club
It never works.
2 years ago.
Heidiho club has replied to Steve Bucknell club
.... but it's good you're coming back for moderating this crazy group.
... working or not working ... Peter Principle is working everywhere.
2 years ago. Edited 2 years ago.

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