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URGENT : Dinner - Saturday evening : Who's coming ???

April 16, 2009 - 20 comments - 1 291 visits

Hi there,
Could you please all let us know if you're coming to the dinner on saturday evening and how many you'll be ? We need to book now.

Here are the ones who answered already :

Confirmed on Facebook :
Jean Michel Sauvage
Marcel Eisner
Laurent Cayrol
Cristina Tosi
Roberto Ballerini (+wife ?)
Peter Konschak
Marie Astrale +1
Valérie Billot

Confirmed on Ipernity :

Rosa Maria Riquelme
Nathou (+1 ?)
Nib ?
Stefanie Carle ?
Keksi ?
Frank (+ wife).

Please, everybody, let us have a confirmation regarding your participation to dinner as soon as possible !

Best regards,
Yes, I will be there, Dave Brown aka Shi* ... sorry, I thought I had already confirmed this. I look forward to meeting old and new friends.
9 years ago.
Cristina Tosi
Cristina Tosi
I will be there probably with a friend.
9 years ago.
We (nib!, keksi, nils, and myself) will attend the dinner, we just can't reply via facebook
9 years ago.
Ok je confirme, finalement je serai seule pour le repas
9 years ago.
Amandine // Mata Hari
Amandine // Mata Har…
Et Lolaine ?
9 years ago.

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