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Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Self-induced hype.

August 18, 2011 - 164 visits

Deus Ex: Human Revolution comes out in less than a week (at the time of this post). Unfortunately I will not be getting it at launch, but I hope that it's something spectacular. I need no media to get me hyped for the game as the first Deus Ex is my favourite game of all time.

The first game has so much depth, so many paths you can take, and so many ways you can play especially with the combination of weapons, augs, and equipment. What's great about all these layers is that the game was designed in a way where I could peel them back one at a time. When I first played Deus Ex I approached it much like a standard first person shooter, and I was able to have fun and get through out. But as my replay count went up higher I was able to learn new methods of game-play, have new conversations, explore new areas, and the greater world that was underneath the surface was slowly able to be revealed.

This is important to me, because sometimes I find games that pack their world so full of choices almost punish you for not taking the time to explore every nook and cranny on the first time through. I hope the new Deus Ex game feels a lot like the original. And wouldn't you know, an inventory screen is back! Do you know what this inventory screen lets you do? Have more than 2 weapons in your arsenal at one time. Pretty crazy right! I've said in reviews before how I find this is a feature often left behind these days in favour of the 2-gun weapon system.

I suppose one of the advantages for having to wait to pick up the game is that I'll be able to see what the reaction is from players first. I have high-hopes for this one, given the soft-spot I have for the original; I'll keep my fingers crossed that it can live up to my self-induced hype.

What are you excited to see come out this year?

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