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The Portuguese word "tea", from the Cantonese word "cha", incorporated in the vocabolário common English language through Macau. And understand that comes from Macao, since Macao was, in the seventeenth century, the big warehouse-trade of tea from China. And it is precisely in Macao in 1607, that the Dutch, the first major traders of tea with Europe, come to the first shipment of tea, the Portuguese of Macao, to Java. In contrast, the English word "tea" and the French word "thé" come from the word "you" of the Amoy dialect belonging to the group dialectal Chinese Min, in the province of Fujian. That by virtue of the Dutch were the first to enter the trade of tea in Europe, as of 1610, particularly in the French and British markets, and that the first contacts with the Dutch juncos Chinese, from Java, have been made between the port of amoy and the Strait of taiwan, or with merchants Chinese dialect speakers of Amoy. Another very common expression in the English language is "fulano such lacks tea"

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