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Mr Marc
By Mr Marc
September 28, 2008 - 565 visits

Thank you very much for the many great contributions to this group!
Mia de Fleur has asked me to open a thread of example pictures.

So let me try to explain illustrate my idea of a "Texture" group in a very brief way:
Please post: images that have texture as the main subject and pictures in which texture plays a key role (i.e. they would have a very different effect on the observer if the texture was different).

Examples of such "GOOD" pictures:
Abstract texture-only pictures like this and many other of the great pictures by harper.
Abstracts where texture is very important like the following ones by ojisanjake:
48 Hours. 294 of 600gotsu611
Non-abstract pictures which wouldn't be the same without the texture-effect:
ring by Boston-Madrid:
ring or /\ by GinArt: /\

Examples of "BAD" pictures:
If you post pictures like these, I will probably ask you to remove them from the pool:
harlaxton 3 (no texture here) out of the blue (abstract but plain. Texture doesn't play any role at all)

Also bad: Pictures that are meant to be used as "textures" in computer graphics. Unless they are of the "good" kind, of course.

Difficult cases:
Overlaying non-texture pictures and pure-texture images is a widely used technique. Most of the time, I'm not too sure about the results. Here are three examples by SuzyQ:
Lovers, the world and death rose Riguet, famous for chocolate
I think in the first two, the texture really is a part of the picture. I'm not so sure about the third one, though. There the texture just adds some 'antique' effect, so in my opinion this picture isn't really about texture. BUT: That's only my opinion and I will not remove the picture from the pool. Other people may have other opinions about it.

I think as long as we keep the number of those boundary cases low, everything is ok. I wouldn't want to ban them.

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