Group: Weird Vintage Postcards

Lament of the Country Outhouse

Wish You a Merry Christmas, Vermont State Prison

Those Dreamy Eyes

Too Much Pork for Just One Fork


Beam Eye Bow—A Puzzle

Easter Chick Recital

You Are the Apple of My Eye—We Should Make a Good…

New Year Mushrooms and Snails—Viel Glück im Neuen…

May Love Always Serve Your Thanksgiving Feast

Halloween Greetings—What's Meant for Thee, Thee'll…

You Have the Key That Fits My Heart

Some Good Size Murphys

The Bass I Caught

The Salesman—He Nags You Until You Must Buy

Christmas Eve Greetings, 1908

Christmas Candle Kissing Apple

Donkey Photography—"Look Pleasant"

On Halloween Be Wary and Look About

The Man with the Iron Mask—Walking Round the World

The Way We Catch Them

You Are Too Slow for Me

There Are Some Freak Fish Around Here!

July 5—The Morning After

The Lemon

Something Fishy This Way Comes

What the Devil Is the Matter with the Lamp Posts?

Will You Be My Socialist Valentine?