Group: Market stalls and street markets - Not shops, Not malls!

Who Left The Gate Open?


Woman Picking Produce (New B&W Edit)

Cloud 9, Devizes Market

Bakery Stall, Devizes Market

We Are Shopping. We Do Other Things As Well.

Foire Saint-Martin à Auxerre

Aix libris

Palazzo dei Cavalieri (Palace of the Knights).

It's home time!

pig's head to go

Bedouin Family

In the streets of Berlin

St Andrews, Market Stall, Church Place

Falko Baker's Van, Haddington Farmers' Market

Farmers' Market, Haddington

Returning To Their Roots

Christmas Market, St Enoch Square, Glasgow

Berries at Farmers' Market, Ogden, Utah, 2014

Guantanamo - abandoned market

Guantanamo - abandoned market

Fruit and Veg

Cadillac Bananas

Tiles panel.

Tiles panel.