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Man Versus Mother Nature

Ke Marshall
January 15, 2008 - 2 comments - 687 visits

Is it possible to fully prevent any future harm to our planet when naturally the evolvement and current processes constantly affects the existence on this planet? I feel that man has every right to do what he can to preserve the beauty and our own ability of process to our natural resources. Our natural resources even extends to the help from our bug and animal life. As time progresses, mother nature comes and take care of our planet. Most of the time for the good however there are unfortunately time for the bad. What we can do is start taking everything we do into consideration. I just find that some of the ability to create and trade for mankind put terrible chemicals into the air which I personally think affects the climate. I would love to hear what others are thinking. What are ways that we can work with Mother Nature to care for our planet.
Xiao Lin
Xiao Lin
Photographions ce que les gens ne veulent, ne peuvent , ou n'arrivent à voir de par eux même.
Il est toujours possible de faire de très belles photos, en montrant toutes les facettes de notre qualité de vie.
Pour une fois montrons les mauvaises facettes : Pollution de l'air (villes polluées), Pollution des mers (ERIKA), l'asservissement de l'homme, par l'homme, .........
En un mot : La folie de l'homme
11 years ago.
SPW Rogall
SPW Rogall
Just drove across "my country" this morning and thought they'`re selling out the last places in order to "create" "new" labour as replacement for the labour getting lost in overheating global competition. But, who will break off these new hunks of concrete when they will become useless........which they will even faster thant last generations industrial buildings..........

May sound ridiculous to many people today, but I believe we need a way to conduct society and lead live without the "bare" necessitiy to work - and porduce masses of waste and short-lived products which riun nature and rob resources.

This year I`m also busy (jobwise & private) with organizing clean-up of the leftover possesions of my father`s household and as well as the remainders of former households in some flats my company recently bought.

Need a microwave oven someone? Two microwave ovens? An old notebook? Cameras, toys, old TV-sets? Cheap furniture, used clothing anyone? You don`t get rid of these things even for free......but they made people work to produce and to buy them, to market an sell them and to recycle or to dump them.

I don`t have a microwave anymore and I won`t want one for free, not even If I got 10 Euro to go with it. At least I came across a ucrainian trucker who took the old stereo device. Bad luck for those who want to sell him one now, bad luck for the unemployed guy in asia ore whereever.

Our used clothes ruin innumberable north african tailors for they can`t do it as cheap.........

And all of this stuff only to give people "jobs"? And all of this stuff made ripped out of the earth suffering intestines? All these things born under big smokestacks, fed with human sweat?

Anyway, I expect that today`s scenery is only the kicking of a dying beast. After this is over, we might be free. Somehow.

without of people emmit masses these hunks of concrete will become
10 years ago.

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