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How About a 3-Rainbow Winner?

Janet Brien
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September 21, 2013 - 1 comment - 358 visits- Permalink

The Alphabet Site is like a sister group to this one, and every time the pictures finish a series of A-Z, a person who won the previous round picks the winning picture from the new round. This is a fun way to showcase one picture from each set, and I was thinking we might be able to do that here as well if people are interested. We would have to have a special "spacer" picture between say, 3 sets of rainbows, so there would be 24 pictures for the group to vote on. 24-25 is a nice number of images I think.

It might be too confusing though, but having an obvious spacer picture to show which pictures are included would work I think.

It depends on whether or not people are interested. What do you think?
 Janet Brien
Janet Brien club
I think that would work, esp if we all share the responsibility of adding the rainbow image after the third set. We could all get into the habit of checking to see what set is active when the rainbow image comes up. Perhaps the wording could be added/changed here:

"Rainbow or item containing all colours of the rainbow"
"Rainbow or item containing all colours of the rainbow. If you are the person adding this picture, please check to see how many sets of rainbow images have been posted. If this is the third rainbow image, place the Group Rainbow Image [link] right after your rainbow picture. This marks a 3-set rainbow and a winner will now be picked and announced in the Discussion area! :) (Please see the discussion for more information)
NOTE: if you see that a third rainbow picture has been added but the Group Rainbow Image has not been placed after it, please add it before adding a new Red image."

Let me know what you think about the text. Is this too much information to add on the front page?

What about the Group Rainbow Image? I saw a couple in the pool, but we might also submit our picks to a thread and choose one from there, which we can add "Rainbow Building" to...or am I being way too fussy?! :)
8 years ago.

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