Group: Star Trails

Confinament: Dia 77 - El cel de nit a Pardines

South High above the city Lights.

Slam Dunk - North

Morning Trails

Last Plane Home -Western Autralia Is now closed of…

Between Rocks and a hard place

Mt Donald Mclean

Cracked Rock

Accidental first star trail.

Planes, Trucks, Cars, Clouds & Time........HFF

The wind/ the stars/ time /trucks / milky Way is i…

Going, going ..... gone!


Up above

Three satellites

Southern sky

Bowen town Pa watches time pass by

Silent Sentinal

Time passages

Resting the Southern Pole

Out of this world

6/366: Pine Tree Against Dramatic Sky

Startrails 2015 11 03 around Polaris from the cour…

Night star trails - 26.5 minutes exposure at f4 an…

The stars are out tonight

Southern Night Sky