Group: Pinhole, Zone Plates, mirrors and other non refractive lenses

Solstice to Solstice

pinhole tree

The Mimram

Pinhole tree (again)

pinhole daffs

Northborough church

pinhole JCB

Heron's Farm tree on a foggy day.

New Bridge

Grove of the Old Trees

1 96

Russian Gulch

2 83

pinhole pigeon

pinhole waterfall

Matanzas Creek

Sonoma Mt Redwoods

St Helens (pinhole)

St Mary Magdalene, Caldecote (pinhole)

Not Easter Island

WPPD 2020

Kings Walden, Hertfordshire

St Paul's Walden

Wimpole Hall coach house

Wimpole folly

A tree in Lamer Wood

Lamer tree pinhole

Pinhole Ayot