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Mount Aragats and Armenian Alphabet

nicht nur Dante ... auch ich war dort ... (2 x PiP…

Poetry at window

Body needs music and books

Le cancer de Gaïa - Léon Régel

What is a bookshelves other than a treasure chest…

"Another Brick in the Wall"

A journey through literature is the most inexhaust…

Turning the pages of imagination

Der zerbrochene Spiegel

Toute une vie )))***

Statue of José Saramago. HBM!


To O'Hara from Jack London

Stencil of Erich Maria Remarque.

Chest of drawers and portrait of Fernando Pessoa.

Typewriter Lower Stenor Royal 10.

Literaturfest Meissen 2014 - literaturfestivalo en…

Sancho Panza – Artists’ Village, Ein Hod, Haifa Di…

Don Quixote Near the Bus Shelter – Artists’ Villag…

LIBRI [4] ... U T O P I A ...

Discworld Emporium, Wincanton

Shakespeare's hotel room

The complete Shakespeare

8. Εὐρύκλεια

7. Καλυψώ...(He was washed ashore on the island of…

5. Circe's Island (Κίρκη)