Group: Rarities - Raritäten

Catapult - wooden artillery.

Volkswagen Kombi (1974).

Japanese floor vases (late 19th to early 20th cent…

Coach, sedan chair and landau.

Citroën C15 - 1996.

Whales jawbone gateway HFF

Cardiff castle

Great hall Cardiff castle

Volkswagen Karmann-Ghia 1966.

Mozza Column.

Puccini's piano Steinway & Sons.

Jeep Willys 1947.

Mummy of King John II's granddaughter.

Wooden bench and Christmas decoration.

Alzira and Joaquim.

Children's pedal car (1920).

Natalina and Manelito.

Upper passage with stained glass.

Old bedroom corner.

Tiles panel (1954).

"The World is inside us" - sculpture by Andrea Rog…

Rossi Theatre - corner detail.

Tomb of Buschetto.

Music Museum

City view, in notched wood (1486).

David with harp (3rd quarter of 12th century).