Group: Rarities - Raritäten

Buick 1966.

Alhambra - model in bronze.

Oranges and lemons in the same tree.

Ruins of baptistery (6th century).

Renault Caravelle (1964).

Old mill adapted to kiosk.

Ape 400, as Tuk-tuk Theatre.

Un lungo abbandono.

Giant glass.

Very unusual glass pieces.

Opel Rekord - 1964.

Exposed roots.

Macro Mondays Uhr 6:46 pm

De Soto Custom (1948).

A rare sign.

Mercedes-Benz 190D (1963).

The Cat and the Wind (2021), by Ricardo Romero.

Citroën 2 CV (1984).

Mural of carved cork, by Vhils.

Vespa 1966.

Mini Moke 1988.

Bicycle for bread delivery.

Renault 4 - 1979.

Mini - 1983.

Olive oil lamp.

Stacks of "seiras".

Roman olive oil mill.