Group: Ruines - Ruins

SIDE : ancora uno scatto sui resti romani

L'Abbaye de l'île Chauvet

Take a seat and rest a while (HBM Everyone)

Tarbert Royal Castle

Hamilton, Nevada

Grounds of St Mary's College, University of St And…

LUXOR : Passaggio nelle mura di Tebe

LUXOR : Una antica scultura tra le rovine di Tebe,…

LUXOR : le gigantesche colonne del tempio di Karna…

LUXOR : i templi di Karnak

LUXOR : i templi di Karnak

LUXOR : statue giganti all'ingresso alla valle dei…

Concentrating mill, Nightingale Mine

Silver Mountain Jail

Museum Gardens, York - In Winter

Battery Mendel

St Serf's Church, Levengrove Park, Dumbarton

Blackfriars, St Andrews

Beyond the Arch

Royal Palace of Dunfermline

Dunfermline Palace

St Andrews, Bottom End of South Street

St Andrews, St Mary on the Rock

St Andrews, The Cathedral of St Andrew

St Andrews, The Pends

St Andrews, St Mary on the Rock Panorama

St Andrews, Corner of The Shore and The Pends