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By Bigoode
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Based on the group DUEL created by Kees and administrated with Roberto :)

with the futures written rules by TUVALU

you'll see here the most amazing duel you'll see ever !

2 masters of photography ! (lol...)

NIKON VS CANON !!!! CHBANG ! THE CENTURY'S WORLD (ipernity) FIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

On the left ! the most famous fasion photographer in da world , the sexual toys of many stars (Kate Blanchet, Ly Tyler, Yul Brinner (yes i know...but hey ! we don't choose)
the great !
the famous
the amazing
the stunning
the unbelievable
call as well as the "eye of the tiger"


(clap clap clap !!!!!)

On the right ! the one who initiated Yann Arthus Bertrand idea of "Earth from the sky"
the young and vivid, the strong and so clever joking man (ok ok.. i can try...) the tallest photographer on earth (i would say great, but already taken so...)


(wouhouhou clap clap !!!)

competitors shake you booty ... sorry your hands

and 3...2...1...


PS. 3 rounds with one foto each, each round lasts 2 days (and nights)

end of contest in 6 days & 6 nights ! (don't really know when, but we'll see...)

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Roberto Ballerini - traveling
Roberto Ballerini -…
My second shot:
"Winter time 3520 1 2 Storm approaching HDR" by Puff! (disappeared) [?]
Winter time 3520 1 2 Storm approaching HDR by Puff! (disappeared)

Coming from a group home page (?)
10 years ago.
Wow, wonderful clouds up to here!
No for the third and final round.

Til now we mostly have black, grey, blueish pictures, So this time I want:
"Clouds bursting in color"
I want to get overwhelmed in a sea of red, orange, yellow or any other color you care to use. Just not only the main colors you see with clouds. Look for sundowns or use some paint, I don't care... but I WANT STRONG COLORS!!!!


Third round has started!

10 years ago.
Roberto Ballerini - traveling
Roberto Ballerini -…
Ok! I've a little bit exaggerated this time :-))))

"Winter time 5149 i'm on fire" by Puff! (disappeared) [?]
Winter time 5149 i'm on fire by Puff! (disappeared)
free music

Coming from robertoballerini photostream (?)
10 years ago.
Roberto Ballerini - traveling
Roberto Ballerini -… has replied
Oh! For me that's an honour to have had a fight with the King of Clouds!!!

(and I'm more honoured because I so clearly won, muahmuahmuahmuahMUAH :-DDDD)


just kidding

Judge: how about starting the votes?

Coming from a group home page (?)
10 years ago.
Since this has become a bit lenghty, we continue here.

Voting started!!!!

This was real fun!!!!!
And I love the picturs you turned in on the themes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was great seeing you to fight each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10 years ago.

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